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Posted By: Jessica Riberio, July 7, 2021

I have nothing but positive things to say about Alaris. The staff is fantastic, caring and on top of patients needs. Place is very clean. Extremely happy my grandmother ended up here as I can see first hand that she is in the best of care.

Posted By: Perry S., May 26, 2021

Everyone at the facility treated me so well. The staff in the Physical therapy department was wonderful. They encouraged me a lot to do my best.

Posted By: Charlotte, March 9, 2021

I am writing this letter to let you know that I'm in Physical Therapy here at Alaris Health at St. Mary's and I'm coming along pretty good thanks to my therapists Devon and Pamela! Thank God for them!!! I'm further along in my recovery than I thought possible. I've got a long way to go, but with Devon and Pamela's help, I will get there.

They have helped me do exercises I didn't think I could do!!

With the help of Jesus Christ and Devon and Pamela all thinks are possible!

Posted By: Vincent D'Amico, June 11, 2020

This is a short but enthusiastic and sincere THANK YOU to the staff here at Alaris Belgrove in Kearny NJ for the wonderful care that I receive every hour of every day.

I’ve always said that I’m blessed to have such wonderful people looking after me!
The other day I had a issue that was important to me.
I mentioned it to one of the aids and then spoke to the nurse. I was so appreciative that within no time the manager was here in my room talking to me. The very next day I had a meeting with the director. Imagine how comforting it was for me to go through the chain of command and have a visit from the director within a day!
She listened carefully to what I had to say and came up with a solution to the problem. It was taken care of immediately!
How wonderful is that? All I can say is it makes me feel really good inside.
It’s a fantastic feeling to have support and not to be stressed .
God bless each and everyone here st Alaris.
I’m lucky to have you.

Posted By: Rhonda Leader, January 24, 2020

My mother has been at the facility for 6 weeks tomorrow. She 'loves' the aides, particularly Clevel and Samantha who have been her angels. The nurses are wonderful , The Blue Unit is the best. Lorri, Ann Marie, Claudia and Jamie *and anyone else I missed* Nixon & Evelyn are caring. I was so very touched by a comment one of the aides said to me when I was there (she was not an aide who typically is in the Blue Unit) My mom was so grateful that she had dressed her and put her undergarments on. I was fearful it would be difficult for the aides at night getting it off of her (she has a neckbrace) she said to me "It is not about making it easy for us; its about making it comfortable for her" While she your mother when she is not here, she is my mother when she is in here" I was so very touched by this.

Posted By: Noel Clemente, August 7, 2019

As a physical therapist who has worked and seen many SNF settings I can honestly say that this is the best one I have ever seen. They took very good care of my mother and even my father who was not their patient but stayed there to keep my mother company. Thank you so much to all the staff for your care, kindness and hard work. You guys are a blessing.

Posted By: DIANA IANUZELI, April 12, 2019

I was in rehab for five and a half weeks...I want to shout out to 3 women who I will never forget. First floor nurse Edi, Aide Norma and PT Loria. These were not the only people who help me and I want to thank First Floor and PT for making my stay great

Posted By: Cindy, April 10, 2019

Everyone treat my mom with such love and care. Especially the staff from Grace. Expert staff

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Posted By: ARTHUR ELLIS, February 8, 2019

Our HOA needed a space to hold its annual meeting . Erica from Alaris Health was able to accommodate us with a meeting room. We are very thankful for that service.

Posted By: Pamela Reilly, November 27, 2018

I was lucky enough to move my mom here over a year ago. While other places might look good in an initial visit I have learned that the quality of the entire staff and their caring and compassion is the most important thing. Her aides literally do a better job than I could. I am grateful every day that mom is getting such great care.