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Technological Advances in Healthcare – 750,000 Remote Clinical Encounters Through InTouch Health

Jersey City, August 16, 2017 – Imagine you are at home with your dad and he suddenly feels strong headache, starts to feel dizzy and has such a speech disorder which he has never experienced before. Of course you would immediately call an ambulance. But what if you live in a rural area or frontier town where it takes ages until the doctor and the nurses arrive?

InTouch Health and its telehealth network could help in such situations. Through the waste network patients in remote areas have access to high-quality emergency consultations for stroke, cardiovascular, and burn services in the exact time they need it. Moreover with telehealth, medical professionals in such towns and rural areas also have access to specialty services and patients can be treated in their own communities.

Through this network, a “telemedical robot” has already established over 750,000 clinical encounters where it was not possible before.

Care Environmentintouch health care

InTouch Health products and services can help you build your telehealth programs across the entire continuum of care. Learn more about how we can help you build your programs for:

  • Community Based Care
  • Acute Care
  • Post-Acute Care
  • The Complete Enterprise

Post-Acute Care

As healthcare shifts from pay-for-service to pay-for-value, health systems are becoming more responsible for patients after leaving the hospital. Reducing readmissions and tracking patient outcomes are the highest priority for healthcare administrators. InTouch Health has worked to provide comprehensive solutions that allow health systems to address these challenges through telehealth. Health systems are considering key clinical uses case in the post-acute space, including:

  • Post-Acute Follow Up
  • Skilled Nursing Readmission Management
  • At-Home Monitoring

InTouch Health works with customers throughout the world and has helped customers develop more than 30 different types of clinical programs, across the care continuum.

Skilled Nursing

What is Skilled Nursing Management?

Skilled Nursing Care is for those who need ongoing long-term nursing care or for those who need short-term concentrated rehabilitation while recovering from surgery or an illness. Often times, these patients require re-hospitalization and must be sent back to the hospital for additional care. CMS has instituted a Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Program that measures 30-Day Readmissions rates to determine prospective payments for skilled nursing facilities. With this in mind, facilities are looking for effective ways to reduce readmissions, and telehealth has been shown to help achieve these results

“Transition from the hospital to home is complicated, and for those who go to a SNF, we are adding another set of doctors and nurses with new instructions. Good communication between the SNF clinicians, the patient’s community doctors and the patient and caregiver are key.

– Alexia Torke, M.D., IU Center for Aging Research and Regenstrief Institute”

InTouch Skilled Nursing Management Solution


Our skilled nursing management telehealth solution provides a combination of medical devices for two-way communication and access to documentation through electronic health records, along with a proven clinical workflow to create continuity of care for patients and providers. By leveraging the InTouch Health Network, hospitals and health systems can easily connect their providers to skilled nursing facilities throughout their geography, to ensure access to specialists and routine care are delivered in a timely and effective fashion.

Results / Benefits

Telehealth has been shown to be a cost-effective practice based on savings gained from reduced readmissions. InTouch Customers have experienced between five and 10 percent reduction in readmissions in less than one year after implementing telehealth services.

telehealth 2Patient Benefits

  • Better Continuity
  • Faster Care
  • Less Disruption
  • Reduced Costs Of Care

Hospital Benefits

  • Fewer Readmissions
  • High Patient Satisfaction
  • Better ED Throughput
  • Gap Coverage

SNF Benefits

  • More Timely Intervention
  • Improved Continuity Of Care
  • Fewer Transfers Back To Acute Care
  • Access To Specialists When Needed

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