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Susan Pardi, NP, Enjoys the Completion of Her First Year at Alaris Health at West Orange

(West Orange, October 2013) Alaris Health welcomed a new addition last year to its healthcare team. Susan Pardi, NP, a nurse practitioner with 30 years of experience as a lead cardiac nurse, is the new Director of Clinical Program Development.

In her new role, Basking Ridge resident Ms. Pardi will help patients to reduce their risk of potentially preventable re-hospitalizations and will partner with hospitals to lower length of stay rates by transitioning patients to an Alaris specialty care center. Founded on a tradition of healthcare excellence, Alaris’ Member Health Centers are leading providers of short-term post hospital rehabilitation, long term and specialty care, with Member Health Centers throughout the state of New Jersey.

“There is such a need for the type of specialty care programs that Alaris provides, including intensive, seven day a week rehabilitation therapies, a ventilator care program and specialized wound care,” says Ms. Pardi. “These patients are not ready to transition home after hospitalization and need time and medical attention to best recover from everything from heart surgery to kidney transplants.”

Ms. Pardi has more than 30 years of experience as a cardiac nurse. From the cardiothoracic intensive care unit and the operating room to outpatient care for people with heart failure, her expertise extends across every phase of cardiac nursing. For 15 years, Ms. Pardi was the lead nurse practitioner at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center’s Heart Failure Treatment and Transplant Program. Ms. Pardi was an integral member of the heart team, acting as a resource and educator to patients and family members. She has earned respect as an expert in cardiology and promotes quality nursing care that is driven by the priorities of each patient’s needs.


Nearly one in five Medicare patients returns to the hospital within a month — about two million people a year. Many of those re-admissions are larger preventable. The majority of re-hospitalizations are not for the principal diagnosis, and 70 percent of post-surgical hospitalizations are for conditions like pneumonia, heart failure, and gastrointestinal problems that cause most hospitalizations in the elderly.

Alaris’ Member Health Centers and their partner hospitals are taking steps to reduce these readmission rates through patient education and other practices.

“Families are thrilled to have the support of the Alaris staff to help their loved ones to have the best recovery,” says Ms. Pardi. “Our medical team is in constant contact with the medical staff at the discharging hospital to reduce the rate of readmission.”


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