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Residents at Alaris Health at The Atrium Beat the Heat

When the heat is on, the residents and staff at Alaris Health at The Atrium, an Assisted Living facility, know how to stay cool and enjoy the summertime. Residents beat the sweltering summer heat with refreshing, exotic, cold beverages and fine Chinese cuisine in the comfortable, cool ambiance of P.F. Chang’s restaurant.


“From start to finish, the trip resulted in all smiles and no perspiration even as temperatures heated up outside in the high 90’s. Once inside the well air conditioned establishment, our residents found themselves engaged in the real challenge of the day, which was how to get those tasty morsels to their mouths with chop sticks. It was the perfect way to enjoy the summer,” says Sue Roman, Administrator.


The CDC reports that seniors are more prone to heat stress than younger people. Seniors do not adjust as well as young individuals to sudden changes in temperature. With this in mind, Alaris Health at The Atrium plans a summer filled with cool outings and activities that refresh residents, adds Ms. Roman.


The attractive and spacious Atrium offers many amenities to its residents. To schedule an appointment or for any additional information about Alaris Health at The Atrium, please call 201-716-8000.