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Residents at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park Launch Balloons for National Nursing Home Week, landing one in Massachusetts

To celebrate National Nursing Home Week, Residents at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park took to the skies as part of a balloon launch event. Residents and staff members released more than 75 blue and yellow balloons on a spectacular and sunny day.  Each balloon had a tag that read, “Alaris Health at Rochelle Park Balloon Launch.  We would like to know how far our balloon traveled. If you find this balloon, please let us know,” along with contact information.   

One of the balloons ended up in Concord, MA, and a letter was sent by a woman who found the balloon on her front lawn on May 26. The Alaris Health at Rochelle Park residents were delighted to receive her letter and to learn that one of their balloons made the long 226-mile journey to another state.  Her return note read: “The ribbon and balloon tie were attached.  Hope you had an enjoyable National Nursing Home Week!!”    

“We try to find creative recreational activities for our residents each day, and wanted to do something extra special during National Nursing Home week.  It was a fun event made even more enjoyable with the letter from Massachusetts,” says Kristine Giles, Administrator.

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