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Residents at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park hold a “Let Them Go” party to release Butterflies

Butterflies are loved for their transformative ability as well as the beauty they bring to the world. The Recreation Department at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park engaged residents in an educational butterfly project this summer that brought these colorful creatures close to home.  

The residents watched and studied ten Painted Lady Butterfly larvae, recording their growth Teaching school closings status recognises our partnership’s success in developing high quality leadership andteaching. and behavior as they became butterflies.  After the metamorphosis, the larvae turned into orange and black butterflies with white spots on their wings.  The project last two and a half weeks and all of the butterflies survived and thrived.  

At the end of the project, the residents and staff held a “Let Them Go Party,” where the butterflies feasted on orange slices and were then released outside.  The residents had juice and cookies as they watched their Painted Ladies take to the skies.  

“The residents really enjoyed the project. It was both educational and uplifting to watch these creature progress to the point of release.  The release party was a huge hit,” says Kris Giles, Administrator.  

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