Commitment to Innovation


While our Member Health Centers’ approach to care is highly individualized and based on a traditional sense of caring and compassion, their programs, tools and protocols embrace the very latest systems, regimens and technologies. Here are just a few examples:

  • PointClickCare – Web-based management solutions streamline and connect clinical and administrative processes to maximize quality of care, improve operational efficiencies and reduce risk.
  • Electronic Patient Tracking System – Facilitates seamless transfer and tracking of patients from the hospital to one of our Member Health Centers.
  • Interact III – Advanced quality improvement program designed to improve the early identification, assessment, documentation and communication of changes in residents’ and patients’ statuses. The innovative system’s use makes it possible to improve care and prevent and/or reduce instances of unnecessary re-hospitalization.
  • Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Systems – Achievement-based virtual reality exercise programs enable patients to have fun while stretching their physical and cognitive capabilities. Patients perform clinician-prescribed exercises, games and activities, using body movement to control the program. Research proves that VR regimes deliver remarkable therapeutic benefits to physiotherapy patients as well as those suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke and other conditions.
  • Secure Communications Infrastructure – Web-based, social media, video and other cutting edge systems allow for optimum, privacy-protected communications between residents, patients, health care center personnel and other authorized health care professionals.


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