Success Story

Jackie Baumrind, Administrator, Alaris Health at Belgrove

Jackie began her career in 2004 at Alaris Health at Rochelle Park, a 240 bed facility in Bergen County, as a Registered Dietitian. Seeing how capable Jackie was, Jackie was promoted to Regional Dietitian in 2007, where she was responsible for overseeing all of the Registered Dietitians and Foodservice Directors of 8 Alaris member facilities. After several years of successful management, Jackie was looking to expand her role and become an Administrator.  In 2009, she was promoted to Assistant Administrator, a role that covered 2 buildings, Alaris Health at The Chateau and Alaris Health at Rochelle Park, where she was able to train under 2 veteran Administrators.  After completing all relevant courses, training hours and passing the Administrator’s exam, Jackie received her Administrator’s license in 2010. Seeing Jackie’s value to Alaris and commitment, Jackie was promoted to Administrator of Alaris Health at Belgrove in 2010, where she resides today.