Who Cares?

I do. I Am Alaris. / I care. I Am Alaris Health. /We care. We are Alaris Health.
The idea here is to have a provocative double meaning using a familiar phrase/rhetorical question – “who cares?” that implies that no one gives a damn or is only out for himself/herself. This slogan says that in a world where few people care about others, the Alaris employee is one of those good people who does. Instead of closing their eyes or shrugging or turning away, they step up to help their fellow human beings and do the tough jobs that no one else wants to do.
This theme elevates tasks like emptying bedpans and mopping floors into “caring”.
It also implies that how these jobs are done matters – the employee “cares” about how she does her work, as well as for her patients.
The lead-up to the even in this campaign could be mailers or videos -with portraits of different employees answering the prompt “Why I (we) Care.” These could give stories of how they got started in the healing professions, who or what inspires them to do what they do, etc. I’m sure there are some great stories here – the emphasis is on the human side of the Alaris experience and the backstories of the people who work there. The letters or videos would all also remind them about the event coming up and how they can participate from their own locations.