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Everything is Blooming at the Vegetable and Flower Garden At Alaris Health at The Atrium

Every year  residents at Alaris Health at The Atrium (Assisted Living) plant and care for their garden on the second floor patio.  They take much pride in their beautiful garden, which is shared by all residents as a place of peace and harmony.  Both Amelia Kiley and Joseph Mason, who reside at the facility, enjoyed digging the dirt and planting the vegetables and begonias.  When the juicy beef steak tomatoes are ripe, residents will savor a salad with home grown parsley, basil and tomatoes.  Until then, residents are enjoying the fresh mint from the garden in iced tea served daily at coffee and tea time. During this hot weather Amelia and Joseph are busy watering daily, but it is worth the effort as shown by the expressions of joy on their faces.


The attractive and spacious Atrium offers many amenities to its residents.  To schedule an appointment or for any additional information about Alaris Health at The Atrium, please call 201-716-8000.