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Eat Right Open House @ The Atrium

Today Alaris Health at The Atrium had a very successful “Eat Right Open House” which was presented by our registered Dietician, Erica Novota. Erica gave everyone very useful and informative hand-outs on healthy eating and she discussed each page in detail with great suggestions and examples.  After each category, the audience was given an opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts. One of the highlights of the Open House was the opportunity to introduce, Rose Caulfield, an Alaris at The Atrium resident, who had also worked as a registered dietician, to Erica Novota for a snap shot. Rose Caulfield graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and went on to work in the original, Jersey City Medical Center as a registered Dietician. Rose Caulfield can be seen in the first photo attachment standing to the right of Erica Novota.

After the Open House, the audience enjoyed the fresh sliced fruit and yogurt while they chatted about healthy eating.

Check back here for future open house events at The Atrium