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At Alaris Health at West Orange, the Difference is in the Details

west orange staffWest Orange, NJ, March 14, 2016 – In the day and age of instant gratification and vying to get the best 10-second soundbite, practicing what you preach requires time, dedication and holistic teamwork. At Alaris Member Health Centers, commitment to superb patient care, attention and respect is the norm, not the exception.

Erik Glover realized this when his 78-year-young mother, Helen Glover, recently became ill. He took her to a nearby medical center, where she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. It took his family by complete surprise, and he became responsible for making decisions concerning his mother’s care.

interiorSeeking the best for his mother’s transitional care, he transferred her to Alaris Health at West Orange for sub-acute rehabilitation to supplement her treatment plan. He immediately noticed a difference. In a personal letter he wrote to the Center, he said, “The care and professionalism that staff exhibits to patients and family members is outstanding and second to none. I want to thank the multi-disciplinary staff at the facility for the excellent care and service they have provided to my mother, from Cheryl, the head nurse, to the physical therapists, floor nurses, cooks and aides.”

Erik, a U.S. Army veteran who served for more than 22 years and health care executive himself for a large teaching hospital, understands that providing excellent service is no small task. “I can appreciate the considerable effort it takes to ensure good quality care and services to patients in a clean, safe and comfortable environment,” he said.

Helen, her family and her team of physicians coordinated an excellent treatment plan, and she has made exceptional progress. She is expected to be discharged soon and return to Erik’s home in Philadelphia.

About Alaris Health

Alaris statewide network of independently owned and operated Member Health Centers offers a wide variety of services across a continuum of care, ranging from short-term post-hospital rehabilitation and long-term care specialized care.

Each Member Health Center is licensed to use the Alaris Health name and receive non-health related services. All health care related services are provided solely by each independently owned and operated Member Health Center.

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