Aquatic Therapy

Omni provides a premiere method of Aqua Therapy

Aquatic Therapy aids in the overall rehabilitative process by improving mobility and strength without added stress to bones or joints. Performed in a specially equipped and designed heated pool, exercise movements produce less pain and improved results due to water’s natural buoyancy and resistance. It is especially beneficial for individuals with weight-bearing problems, orthopedic injuries, stroke survivors, and those dealing with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Omni’s Aquatic Therapy services include:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Individual Aqua Therapy Plans
  • Group Aqua Therapy

Our physiatrists and rehab specialists will evaluate you and customize a program that will best suit your individual needs, goals and limitations. For answers to any questions you may have or to schedule a tour of our Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center in Rochelle Park, please contact the Community Services Director at 201 336-9300. We accept Medicare, Private Insurance, Workman’s Compensation and private payment.