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Alaris Health at Rochelle Park partners with The Interventional Institute at Holy Name Medical Center to provide Peripheral Artery Disease treatment

Patient Santiago Trujillio and Dr. Kevin Herman, MD

Peripheral artery disease—also known as PAD—is a common condition affecting those who are 65 years of age and older. PAD usually develops as a result of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Cholesterol forms plaque that clogs the blood flow, which can lead to pain while walking, and even cause gangrene and a need for amputation if not properly treated.  

Now, Alaris Health at Rochelle Park has partnered with The Interventional Institute at Holy Name Medical Center to provide patients at the Alaris Member Health Center with minimally invasive treatment for PAD. Kevin Herman, MD, Interventional Radiologist with The Interventional Institute, has successfully treated several patients from Alaris Health at Rochelle Park.  

“The advantages of minimally invasive treatment for PAD include less time in the hospital, less trauma, just a small nick, and a faster recovery,” says Dr. Herman. “We help to return patients back to their lives more quickly without the need for major surgery.”  

PAD Treatment Helps Patients

Using imaging for guidance, an interventional radiologist performs a procedure using a thin catheter threaded through the femoral artery in the groin that travels to the affected artery in the legs. A balloon is inflated to open the blood vessel where it is narrowed or blocked. In some cases the reopened artery requires a stent or an atherectomy (a “rotorooter” to open the artery). This minimally invasive treatment does not require surgery—just a nick in the skin the size of a pencil tip.   

Symptoms of PAD include painful cramps in the hip, thigh or calf muscles while walking, numbness or weakness in the legs, and soreness or coldness in the feet or legs.

“This partnership has resulted in expert medical care for our patients with PAD and a faster recovery, which is always a welcomed benefit,” says Kristine Giles, Administrator of Alaris Health at Rochelle Park.

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For information about Alaris Health at Rochelle Park, please call 201-845-0099. To make an appointment with the Interventional Institute at Holy Name Medical Center, please call 201-833-7268.