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Posted By: Mabel Kofi, August 9, 2017

During my mother's stay at Care Connection I feel that the staff went above and beyond in providing care for her. Everyone was good to her. Thank you all for your patience and compassion

Posted By: Philip Svoboda, August 3, 2017

The whole crew was incredible. Everyone was great and very kind to me and my wife. The staff handled her very well. They're all like family because they treated us like family. I'm very appreciative of all of the staff.

Posted By: Loretta Clark, July 27, 2017

Everyone treated me the way I wanted to be treated. AnnMarie the nurse was beautiful and has a wonderful personality. She knows my medicines and definitely knows how to take care of me. If I have a question, she always has the answer or she always gets right back to let me know the answer. She's always there for me. "She's perfect".
Marie, the nurse from the 3rd shift was always there if I need help. She checks on me before she even sits down. She always takes good care of me. She provides " super service".
People don't enjoy being in a facility or hospital but I felt I was home at Care Connection. Everyone was excellent. " I miss everyone".

Posted By: Doreen Tiru, July 20, 2017

The nursing care was unbelievable. My father gets very agitated due to chronic illness. The nursing staff and aides went above and beyond to care for him. Words can't even explain how much we appreciate the excellent care that was provided by the staff. You don't see this in most facility.- Doreen Tiru (daughter)

Posted By: Alfredo Perez, July 6, 2017

Everyone on the floor were all phenomenal. The nurses and CNAs were wonderful. Kelly the nurse was a very lovely person, very caring, she has answers to all our questions and if not she'll find the answer. She's a very good employee. Kelly is really sweet and has a wonderful heart.

Posted By: Etel Schwartz, June 29, 2017

To the CEO's at Alaris Health at The Chateau,

I'd like to express our deep gratitude for the exceptional care you provided for my grandmother, Aurora Israel. My grandmother is now happily back home with us after spending more than three months at the five star rehabilitation center, Alaris Health at The Chateau. Each time we visited my grandmother, we had countless opportunities to witness the respect and care the staff took to treat each person with dignity. The patient's needs were always provided for immediately. My grandmother received outstanding medical care and had countless consultations from top specialists. All her therapists were experts in their field and had just the right mixture of being understanding while continuing to challenge my grandmother. They got her to walk and even to navigate stairs which enabled her to go back home. We are so very grateful. It was inspiring to watch the staff engage the patients in extracurricular activities that were appropriate and enjoyable.

My father preferred to spend the nights sleeping with my grandmother and Alaris graciously provided a very spacious room to accommodate another person. Rabbi Glancz was always at hand ensuring that we had everything we needed. Alaris provided a microwave and refrigerator in the room to easily warm up Kosher food. Alaris' affiliation with Bikur Cholim ensured that we had access to their volunteer drivers to transport us back and forth between visits. The Bikur Cholim room on the first floor was a lifesaver to my father and provided fresh meals for him daily. Alaris welcomed my entire extended family to be with my grandmother and allowed us to host a Purim party in their Bikur Cholim room. That gesture warmed us all.

It is clear that Alaris provides each patient individualized care that nourishes the mind, body and soul so the patient can heal and recuperate. For someone that is in need of professional rehabilitative care, Alaris Health at the The Chateau is the place to go.

With much appreciation,
Etel Schwartz

Posted By: Leo Griffin, June 15, 2017

Staff provides excellent care. OT and PT staff were wonderful. Nurse, CNAs and everyone were excellent. Tina the nurse was extra special. Everyone contributed to my speedy recovery. I'm home now and doing very well. Thank you to everyone!

Posted By: Angela Travelli, Elementary School Guidance Counselor: Advisor, Junior National Honor Society: Anna L. Klein School, Guttenberg, NJ, June 15, 2017

Dear Ms. Ljutich and friends,
A heartfelt thank you for inviting us to your Nursing Home!! We enjoyed making flowers with our new friends. It was so kind of all of you to welcome us with Hawaiian Leis and bracelets!! It was so kind and thoughtful of all of you to greet us in such a special way!!
Thank you for the ice cream, such a great treat on a hot day!! We look forward to visiting all of you in the near future.
May all of you remain happy, healthy, and strong!!

Posted By: Mafalda Decleva, June 2, 2017

Thank you very much for all the care that you've given me. Special thanks to Danita, Marie, Nadya, Kelly, and Mimi. They're super good to me. They're good with people and they provided me with love. I would refer this facility to everyone because I received excellent care. Again, thank you. I forgot, thank you to Carol and Alicia too

Posted By: Beth Grill, May 27, 2017

Dear Ms. Roman,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the care that my mother-in-law, Carol Grill, received at Alaris at the Chateau from mid-March to early May of this year. The staff on the third floor went above and beyond in attending to her evolving physical and emotional needs during her stay, and for that her family is very grateful.

\My mother-in-law, who has significant physical disabilities, began suffering from the psychological effects of dementia during her rehabilitation at Alaris. Despite the challenges that this posed to her care, the nurses, aides and physical therapists on the 3rd floor treated her with the utmost professionalism and respect.

I saw firsthand how hard the staff work when I stayed overnight with my mother-in-law for several days. During this time I was continually impressed by their patience and ability to attend to her needs and those of their other patients for many long hours every day.

While the personnel throughout the building were all very helpful; there were a few individuals who stood out. Her nursing aides Shardae, Kathleen and Andrea were exceptional, as were her nurses Lonnie and Sabrina. Nursing supervisor Bein was also incredibly kind. Both the occupational and physical therapists were also patient and effective, especially Jah-Jah. These members of your staff made all the difference to us.

Finally, we truly appreciated Rabbi Glanz's assistance. He was able to arrange for my mother-in-law to receive kosher food and to ensure that she was able to meet her religious needs. These special accommodations are what drew our family to Alaris and we are glad that he and Bikkur Cholim have helped make Alaris one of the few facilities in the region to offer kosher food to their patients.

We will certainly recommend Alaris to other families seeking quality, compassionate care.

Beth Grill