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Posted By: Cynthia Jernstedt (Daughter-In-Law), May 31, 2018

Care Connection Administrator
RWJ Hospital

I am writing this letter to praise the staff RWJ Hospital and Care Connection. Since My Mother-In-Law, Helen was admitted to RJW Rahway Hospital, she received excellent care. The emergency room staff, Dr. Prassad, the entire staff has exceeded my expectations. Once discharged from the medical floor, 3 East, Helen has been a patient at Care Connection in Room 432. The care she was given was excellent since the moment she arrived. From Dr. Holler and Feldman, the Food Service Worker, Bob, to the Aides, Nursing Staff, Therapists, Cleaning Staff, and especially to John in the recreation room, and Bonnie, the Social Worker, everyone was excellent. It amazing me that Bob, Food Service Worker, knew her likes and dislikes with the food. In the recreation room with John, he keeps them active thru lunch with multiple interesting activities. Bonnie, the Social Worker gave me valuable info to help my mother in law at home. I cannot believe how wonderful everyone was to her. The all are pleasant, helpful, attentive and do their job very well.

The entire staff of 3 East and 4 East should be recoginized for the wonderful job they do. Again, thank you all for making Helen’s stay as pleasant as possible and keep up the good work!!!

Cynthia Jernstedt (Daughter-In-Law)

Posted By: Joanne Petkov, May 13, 2018

To Administration: All your employees in all the departments do a wonderful job in caring or the residents, but I want to emphasize what a beautiful Mother's Day that was prepared by Dietary and Recreation for us. From the pretty placemats, pink napkins, doily, long-stem carnation, and fun entertainment with a delicious cake for Mom’s Day and balloons and more carnations.
I am short stay and when I get home, I will tell everyone what a great place Alaris Health at Riverton is for rehab or long term.
Thank you for making my stay both beneficial and pleasant!

Posted By: Dr. Baruch Gordon, April 12, 2018

Clean. Pleasant staff. Good and dedicated therapy department. Hope I never need rehab again but if I did, would chose again. Understand there is now a remodeled house on adjacent property to better accommodate Orthodox Jewish families for davening and increased kosher food availability. However, while I was there, staff was very helpful in assisting my wife and myself in these matters.

- Dr. Baruch Gordon
Dr. Gordon is a retired internist who has practiced for over 30 years. He was more recently with Ocean County Internal Medicine Associates in Lakewood, NJ for almost 8 years. During that time he not only admitted to Monmouth Medical Center South but also cared for rehab and long term patients at Leisure Château and Atlantic Coast. He chose our facility over others in the area for his care after he had surgery to reconstruct his ankle.

Posted By: Ann Creighton, February 23, 2018

My brother was admitted to your Facility on January 3 from that time through today our experience has been a good one. As a family member watching our sibling we can only hope that our decision was the correct one .
I would like at this time to request that your establishment commend Sabrina on the third floor nurse Kaitlyn 3rd floor nurse and Michele in therapy and Benny they truly showed they take their code of ethics to heart and cared for our brother. So kudos to them.
Shanon the case manager also has been extraordinary in her efforts on helping my brother And the admission clerk who went beyond her call of duty ,they are truly an asset to your establishment which I hope that they are recognized by this text for their extraordinary work that they do .
Working in the public sector for most of my life we only hear the negative reports not the positive .
I hope with this email they are recognized and I'm notified of same.
Ann Creighton

Posted By: Curtis Williams, January 16, 2018

I have been here a few years and feel like I am at home. Everyone is great and treats you like family. I thank everyone for making me feel at home!

Posted By: Loretta Roberts, December 28, 2017

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong.- 1 Corinthian 13:4-5

I can't thank you, The Alaris Health at Essex enough for the care and special attention given to my Aunt Everline Hutcherson.

This has been very difficult time for our family but we know who holds the future. We the Roberts- Hutcherson family thanks the Alaris Heathcare for your dedication and expertise. My family and I are truly grateful for the level of care you were able to administer to Aunt E. Hutcherson. We're also grateful for the time you took to talk with us to help us better understand our options.

"With the spirit of excellence " 1 Corinthian 12:6
God work in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in ALL OF US.

Loretta Roberts

Posted By: Frank Brancato, December 27, 2017

I am addressing this to Matt but it is really to all those who take a part in running the daily operation of the Alaris at The Fountains.

I spent 34 days after coming to your facility after a pretty significant hip replacement and broken femur On day one I co1lid not move my right side in fact I could not place my leg in the support of a wheel chair brace. I want to sort of write this backwards. Upon leaving I was able to get from my chair to the bed and get all my hygiene business taken care of alone. I was able to get my leg in and out of bed alone: I was able to use a walker as if I used one forever.

Here is where I really want to go...The Fountains is spotless, I have never smelled an odor. Just coming in the lobby I felt as if I was going into my favorite every two month hangout spot, "The Tropicana Casino Hotel" Every front door receptionist could not of been more professional especially Maria Padelski, who actually became a friend of mine over the month. I know there were many days and nights that Maria after an eight hour shift was off to the kitchen to maybe work another four!! Although I may go off on tangents this is the best I can I do. I ran with my dad a printing business for my part of about 28 years and I learned early that the customer is always right and that is what I saw there. John the head of house keeping I don't think ever stopped to catch his breath. Some of the kitchen workers like Lisa and John sometimes busy would gladly take the minute to hand me ice and a juice or two and also go out of their way to say good morning. Frequently on my section Henry would also never miss a friendly greeting. Now I can't forget the most important and vital person to me from day two, I say day two because I am sure on day one she thought she was going to have her hands full with me, LOL?? And that is Julie!! Julie does not STOP!! Please let me repeat she is a non stop nurse and again does so with the respect one deserves. Please allow me to tell you to things that she did for me that were so important and could of easily not of been done. After about 25 days of my leg healing petty well my knee continued to hurt and still does. Within about three hours after a call to my doctor she had a tech there for x-ray and after that maybe the next day still in much pain had a tech there for a Doppler. These two things eased my mind to know that I was still healing and need time but I needed to know this. The OT and PT were both so helpful with that extra push and if I were not there at our set time someone came looking. You really got to see the look in the eyes when progress was being made. The most or biggest compliment I want to make and I hope he is told about this is Matt the PT tech. I believe he may be about twenty and followed me with the chair daily and I have never seen as I would smoke outside at 8 am he walk in like not happy to be here. I can only remember in our own business at twenty my heart being elsewhere.

This may all sound like everyone is just great and many are. I was not going to sit here and write you the negatives because there are a few. And I am sure you hear about them all the time, so what would be the sense. Another great and always happy nurse was Sam. Now I can't forget Edith, without her the floor does not operate!! We had some very personal and helpful talks about how I should handle something that happened to me that could of just been dropped or expressed. We came up with leaving it alone. And looking back at it I am glad it went that way.

If I needed to come back and/or refer someone I love I would not think twice of suggesting Alaris/Fountains.

I am so glad my healing started there and I also wanted to mention I made an acquaintance or two with two very good warm hearted individuals who deal with the hand they were given.

So glad there is a place where we can go to if the need comes up...Thank You

Posted By: Bryant Keenan, December 11, 2017

My name is Keenan Bryant. I 'am a resident of Alaris Health facility located at 198 Stevens Ave, in Jersey City, N. J. I have been a resident of this facility since August of 2015. I unfortunately have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and since have lost my ability to walk and now use a wheelchair as a mobility aid. Having Multiple Sclerosis is a difficult disease and requires a great amount of assistance with achieving everyday activities.
Since becoming a resident of this facility I have gained relationships with individuals that have made my recovery very obtainable. Under the great leadership of our current administrator the facility is getting better! My quality of life is much better due to the help and concern from various members of the Alaris Health Care staff.

I would like for this letter to serve as a form of thanks to the staff members of this organization. They are utilizing the skills needed to help residents achieve the type of treatment that the elderly and disabled require. I would like to take this opportunity to name a few of these members who have directly made my stay here more enjoyable .

• Robert Smolin (Administrator)
• Phulmatee Joseph Aka Bobby (RN)
• Paul Dwah (LPN)
• Marthar Maroro (LPN)
• Ashley Kettleman (Receptionist)
• Frances Robinson (Receptionist)
• Michael Fulton (Dir. of Housekeeping)
• Jackie (Recreation Coordinator)
• Clayton (Kitchen cook)
• Michelle Kates (QA CNA)
• Denel Emilcare (CNA)
• Monique Wright (CNA)
• Bernard Wright (CNA)

Just to name a few of many that have helped this campaign of better health!!!
Thank you all and happy new year!!!!

Keenan Bryant K 28.

Posted By: W. Strickland, November 30, 2017

I received great care; staff was wonderful. Rehab program was the best.

Posted By: Anna Rose, November 29, 2017

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alaris Health at Hamilton Park!!
My father was transferred here from an acute rehab facility and they have been so responsive! He gets therapy pretty much every day and they seem to genuinely care about him and his progress. They communicate with each other to make sure they are all on the same page and have been creative in finding ways to help him achieve his goals and functional activities. Above all, they are hard working and knowledgeable!

The nurses are quick to respond to his (and my) needs/requests and are so personable and friendly. The nutritionist worked so hard to find the right diet and food choices to help him with his dietary preferences and regularly checked in to ensure he was happy. The psychologist was wonderful, along with the speech therapist, the director… Overall such a great team. They work and communicate constantly with each other, reach out to the doctors whenever there is an issue and have been going above and beyond to make sure my dad and we, the family, are happy.
I have been truly impressed with how well and tightly they run their ship!
The facility has a lot to offer the patients/residents beyond the standard of care. There are activities and entertainment as well. :)

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing care for themselves or their loved ones. They go out of their way to make sure you are getting all you need and more! Thank you, Chet, Maria, Sarah, Matt, Andrew, Laurence, and the therapists, staff and nurses I haven’t met… to everyone who has been helping my dad on his road to recovery!!
Super pleased...