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With the tragic attack in Pittsburgh and California, it behooves us all to be ready a tragedy should occur in our community. Sadly, with a tragedy like these, we cannot wait for help to arrive – we have to know what to do now – you are the FIRST first responder!

We have arranged for Hudson Regional Hospital to present FREE three most practical courses for tragedies like this:

  • Hands-Only CPR
  • Stop the Bleed.
  • Surviving an Active Shooter Event

We ask for registration, as the class size is limited to under 75 adults and teenagers and we are doing smaller training groups during the event.

We do these regularly at Hudson Regional Hospital as our staff needs to be able to help patients.  And HRH also handles all 911 medical calls for Secaucus – the calls come right to EMS.  Here’s a brief summary of the programs…

Hands-Only CPR

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the US. Each year, over 420,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur in the US.  And that is without a tragedy like that in Pittsburgh or California!  When a person has a cardiac arrest, survival depends on immediately getting CPR from someone nearby.  You may not be able to reach that defibrillator, or your friend just had a heart attack.

According to the AHA, 90 percent of people who suffer out of hospital cardiac arrests do not survive, partially because most Americans (70%) feel helpless to act because they don’t know how to do CPR or are afraid of hurting the victim. Immediate CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival during a cardiac arrest.  It is incumbent on all of us to learn how to perform this vital skill for adults, children, and infants.

Stop the Bleed

Uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths. Approximately 40 percent of trauma-related deaths worldwide are due to bleeding or its consequences, establishing hemorrhage as the most common cause of preventable death in trauma. The Stop the Bleeding Coalition is focused on raising awareness of how, with the proper training and materials, death from bleeding can be prevented. The Bleeding Control Basic (BCon) Course is designed for individuals who have little or no medical training but who may be called upon as immediate responders to provide initial trauma care and bleeding control to a victim of traumatic injury before the arrival of emergency medical services (EMS).  Remember, you are the FIRST first responder.

Surviving an Active Shooter Event

While you are 700 times more likely to die in a car crash than an active shooter event, safety is about being prepared. The mantra here is “Run-Hide-Fight.” You need to know how to apply these quick actions to improve your chances of survival should you find yourself in proximity to a shooter.  Hudson Regional Hospital has developed an approved Active Shooter program for use with staff and patients.  It is critical that you learn how active shooter situations unfold, how to be situationally aware, and what actions are necessary to improve your odds of survival.


We are all very nervous because of the tragedies in Pittsburgh and California, and we are all looking at how to protect ourselves and how to react to something as horrific as this. Too often, as time passes by, we forget the tragedy and become a little complacent in our daily lives.  Remember, understanding these three key programs are valuable anytime – if your friend has a heart attack, if one of your boys falls out of a tree and cuts himself causing major blood loss, or when, Heaven forbid, another crazy enters our community.  Be prepared!


It will be taking place on Sunday January 27, 2019 from 10am to 1pm at Alaris Health at the Chateau, located at 96 Parkway, Rochelle Park, NJ. It will be held in the building on your right when you come in. There is free valet parking. A 10-minute drive from Teaneck, a 10-minute drive from Fairlawn and a 13-minute drive from Passaic!

Survival Training Registration

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