Marianna Wisniewski
Location: Alaris Health at The Atrium
Upon meeting Marianna you will feel welcomed and genuine compassion which she expresses in a big way. Marianna wears a big smile and runs on high energy which allows her to meet and exceed any challenges on the job. she is always available and enthusiastic to do that little extra above and beyond her job description to warm the hearts of her residents. Though on the job seven years as activity supervisor of our Bridges unit, you will never see her complacent but instead you will see her making efforts to be innovative and refreshing. Marianna exhibits this genuine professionalism not only to her residents but towards family members, staff and community visitors. It appears that Marianna's excellent work ethic was also visible when Marianna started here in 2009 as a personal care assistant and it was only 2 years later when her ability to transition into the creative activity department was recognized.