Madeline Mercer
Position: Physical Therapy Assistant
Location: Alaris Health at Hamilton Park
Madeline has been with this facility for 6 years. Through the years, she has this unwavering desire to enable our clients to be the best that they can be. Without anyone prodding her, she would bring clients to the gym on their birthdays and then in her "Chuck E. Cheese" style, she would announce it to everyone and lead them to sing a birthday song. Upon discharge, she would wheel residents to the gym to acknowledge the hard work they have put in to get them to the point of being ready to successfully go back home. Every Friday, she would also lead the Rehab Achievement Award where we recognize clients who have done their best in rehab that week. Our clients truly appreciate her effort! It may be a simple thing but it means a whole lot to clients who need support and encouragement. She is well loved by our clients and coworkers. She is a true asset in our department!