Garry Sanchez
Position: Physical Therapist
Location: Alaris Health at Rochelle Park
Garry is a highly regarded physical therapist with years of experience, vast knowledge and  excellent clinical skills . But he is so much more than that . Everyone in Alaris at Rochelle Park  knows “Garry from  Rehab”. Patients and families love him , Nurses , CNAs and other staff members  know they can always get help from him .  Garry will fix a wheel chair, adjust a cushion , assist with transfers, take patient to bathroom……and will perform   a million other little things that are not exactly on his job description … . and he will do it  all with a smile on his face and kind word . He always focuses on the good and positive aspects  of patients and coworkers , bringing calm and resolve to often difficult situations. That’s why Garry is our Shinning Star .