Alicia Lee, CNA
Position: Certified Nursing Assistant
Location: Alaris Health at Hamilton Park
Alicia Lee, CNA has been employed with Alaris Health @ Hamilton Park since August 2012. She has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to continuously improve nursing care and services as well as enhance the environment facility wide. Ms. Lee has a creative and positive attitude maintaining customer expectations or volunteering to join an interdisciplinary team. She has excellent skills and the ability to identify areas of improvement and mentor other CNA's and has proven herself to be by far one of many CNA's which we can rely on to provide excellent resident care and direct other staff members to maintain the highest quality of care to all residents. Alicia has built the trust and respect of her colleagues. She can be counted on to anticipate issues, to facilitate possible solutions and to follow up to ensure that the issue remains in control. On a daily basis she provides a smile to each resident she works directly or non directly with to make their stay here at Alaris Health @ Hamilton Park a memorable one.