RN unit manager sign on bonus Full time

Job ID: 362907 Posted: 2020/05/01 Position Type: Full-time
Category: Nursing City: Jersey City, NJ Location: Alaris Health at Jersey City

Job Information:

Alaris Health at Jersey City, 198 Stevens avenue, Jersey City , a 180  bed-skilled nursing Center in Jersey City, New Jersey, seeks a registered nurse (RN) to help oversee  a 50 bed ,  long term care unit nursing personnel, tend to the unit’s daily  day to day operations and fulfill other responsibilities, including but not limited to:.

  • effectively communicating with everyone from residents to government personnel and the general public
  • providing the highest quality of care possible to each of our residents, paying meticulous attention to care plans, courses of action, residents’ records and documents
  • maintaining composure in emergency situations and complying with all Center guidelines and regulations
  • ensuring that each resident’s attending physician and family or responsible party are promptly notified of any significant change in his/her health condition
  • and above all, ensuring that each resident receives the highest quality of service, compassion and care
  • Supervision of LPNs, CNAs; including orientation , evaluations,  and inservice training.
  • being a team member and carrying out tasks and assignments and directions by the Director of  Nursing services.
  • writing and documentation of  weekly reports on the status of the nursing unit, including wounds, falls, infections as needed.
  • writing and following up and attending care plan meetings.
  • speaking to family members of residents in a polite professional tone.
  • able to communicate with attending doctors, consultants, regional, and vendors in  a professional and intelligent manner
  • ability to evaluate LPN, CNAs on job performance based on facility’s evaluation process.
Job Requirements:
  • Thorough knowledge of nursing techniques and practices
  • Ability to handle/manipulate instruments and equipment and supervise nursing functions
  • Possess empathetic attitude towards residents and be able to gain their confidence
  • Ability to recognize and identify symptoms and make decisions quickly in emergencies
  • This is a full time position for either 7 to 3 with weekends off. The  selected candidate  will receive a  $ 2000 .00 sign on bonus to be paid out quarterly 500 dollar for each quarter upto one year.
  • 90 day probation period.
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