Director of Admissions

Job ID: 421417 Posted: 2021/01/20 Position Type: Full-time
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Job Information:

Alaris Health at St. Mary’s, a 188 bed-skilled nursing Center in Orange, New Jersey, seeks a director of admissions/marketing to assist the administrator in managing resident flow and the Center’s admissions process and marketing program. Additional responsibilities include:

  • meeting census goals by working with the Center’s interdisciplinary team and network entities
  • ensuring immediate response to phone, fax, and walk-in inquiries and referrals
  • completing tour, application and sales process with residents, their families and referrers
  • meeting with family, residents and residents on day of admission and acclimating them
  • communicating admission criteria to referral sources, residents and families
  • ensuring comprehensive gathering and documentation of resident data
  • maintaining statistics indicating resident flow, pending and lost inquiries, denials, hospital discharges and marketing activity
  • developing and maintaining referral base and providing information to referral sources of resident’s progress
  • assisting in the development and implementation of long-range and short-term marketing plans
  • coordinating and participating in presentations about the Center or other appropriate healthcare topics to hospitals, physicians, and other potential referral sources
  • collaborating with the administrator to ensure resident satisfaction and to assess/respond to resident satisfaction surveys
  • working with the community to enhance the image of the nursing center and promote community wellness
  • and above all, ensuring that residents and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individuals’ needs and rights
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum of three years of experience in a healthcare setting
  • Minimum of two years of college education in the field of health care administration, business management, and/or marketing or public relations is preferred
  • Basic computer skills and literacy
  • Strong approach to resident service with a sales-oriented personality
  • Ability to work proficiently in a fast-paced, healthcare environment and interface with a variety of healthcare professionals
  • Ability to accurately complete and disseminate admissions paper flow
  • Knowledge of third party payers and programmatic services covered by the variety of payer resources
  • Ability to communicate effectively with billing departments related to interpretation of covered services
  • Empathetic and adept in dealing with a geriatric population and families in crisis
  • Ability to expedite the assessment and admissions process in an assertive AND timely manner
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