Jennifer Puleo, Administrator, Alaris Health at Cedar Grove

Jennifer Puleo

Jen began her career as a Regional Dietitian in 1998, ensuring that all residents in her region received the adequate diet and nutrition they needed, as well as overseeing the kitchen / dining inspection process. In 2006, she requested to become an Administrator in Training (AIT), and was promoted to Assistant Administrator at Alaris Health at Cedar Grove.

After thorough training in all areas of the facility, including taking courses to become certified as an Administrator, Jen successfully completed all relevant exams and received her Administrator’s license in 2008. Her first official Administrator’s license was hung at Alaris Health at West Orange (St. Cloud Health Care Center) in 2008, a 120 bed facility in West Orange, NJ. In 2010, Jen was reassigned to Alaris Health at Cedar Grove, a 240 bed facility in Cedar Grove, where she currently resides to this day.