January 29, 2016

Winter Fest w/ Exodus Supreme @ The Fountains – North Campus

Date: January 29, 2016
Time: 2:00 PM
Alaris Health at The Fountains - North Campus

595 County Avenue
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Room/Area of Event: Liesure Center

By January 29th, we will be in the depths of Winter, looking for something warm and fun to fill the afternoon. Our Residents are looking forward to our annual Winter-fest. Music will be provided by a favorite group, known as Exodus Supreme! the party include dancing, singing and foot tapping by those that may not remember all the words to the songs. Our Hot menu will consist of Hot Chicken Wings and Salsa as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate!


exodus supreme banner

Exodus Supreme

Exodus Supreme


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