Esther Waldman Celebrates her 100th Birthday on September 6 at Alaris Health at The Atrium

Esther Waldman, a resident at Alaris Health at The Atrium, turned 100 years old on September 6, and she was determined to blow out all of the candles on her cake by herself.  The staff and residents, along with the Deputy Mayor of Jersey City,  joined in a festive birthday bash for Esther at Alaris Health at The Atrium.

Esther is not alone in her ranks as a centenarian at Alaris Health at The Atrium.  Alice Mospak proudly ranks higher at 104 years old, so Esther has some catching up to do.  We are thrilled to help her celebrate this impressive milestone,” says Sue Roman, Administrator.

Esther was born on September 9, 1913, in New York City, to Frannie and Harry Waldman and was fortunate to have three sisters and one brother.  She moved with her family to New Jersey when she was six years old where she remained for the rest of her life.  Esther attributes her longevity to “a strong work ethic” and is grateful for her job at a law firm where she worked as a legal secretary until her retirement.

It was at this law firm that she developed a friendship with a female co-worker, and together they travelled the world.  Esther says, “I have seen the whole world but my favorite place is London.”  She also takes great pride in having met Queen Elizabeth while traveling on a ship.   

In addition to her interesting job, Esther says that her extended family of 50 relatives has given her strength and support, and the family stays in close touch.  Esther keeps her mind busy by reading books and gaining new information. Although she regrets never having children, her many nieces and nephews bring joy to her life.

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