Certified Nursing Assistant at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill is Celebrated for Forty Years of Caring for Patients

During the forty years that Gwen Collins of Alaris Health at Cherry Hill has cared for patients as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she has seen many changes in her field of work. While resident care has improved, primarily due to advanced skilled staff training and more modernized equipment, one thing that has never changed is her love and dedication for her patients.   

“I have joy every day at my job because I have the privilege of caring for human beings.  I love the hands on caregiving part and the feedback from the residents.  I feed them, listen to them, and even pray with them. My motto is, ‘Treat people the way you would want to be treated,’ ” says Ms. Collins, who has consistently maintained perfect attendance records.    

In honor of her forty years of service, Ms. Collins was recently given a party at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill with a celebration “befitting a queen,” says Ken Keegan, Administrator.  She received flowers, a cake, a bracelet and a plaque from residents who spoke about what her dedication has meant to them.   

“We wanted to spoil her.  Gwen has never slowed down and her dedication has never wavered. She can run circles around people half her age. She is absolutely the energy of this building and we are pleased to celebrate the positive impact she has made on the lives of so many,” says Mr. Keegan.   

When Ms. Collins, a West Berlin resident, began her work in the 1970s at Heritage House of Cherry Hill, which has many years later become Alaris Health at Cherry Hill, the facility was considered a boarding house. Ms. Collins recalls many special residents over the years, but most poignantly a 100-year-old woman who received eye surgery allowing her to finally see.   

“She called me her daughter,” recalls Ms. Collins, “and for the first time, she could see me.”   

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