Alaris Health at The Fountains South Campus Enjoys Remarkable Success With Cardiac Patients and By-Pass Recovery


William Bailey, who was discharged from Alaris Health at the Fountains South after cardiac bypass in May.

When Fermin  Romero-Diaz came into Alaris Health at The Fountains South,  he was bed bound after having cardiac by-pass surgery.  “Before the open heart procedure, I was independent, however my condition changed once I had the procedure and I was completely unable to take care of myself. I couldn’t do anything for myself, and was in need of intense rehab”, Mr. Romero-Diaz explained.  “After the help of the Alaris Health at The Fountains staff, I was able to leave the building walking.”

“When I returned to Alaris Health at The Fountains South Campus, I was treated like a king.  My nursing staff was extremely caring and my rehabilitation team was tremendously supportive and knowledgeable.  Now that I am home, I am looking forward to enjoying my independence while I still have it, now that I know what it is to need the constant assistance of others. I am extremely grateful for the staff who helped in rehabilitating me to my previous level of independence,” said Mr. Romero-Diaz.

Alaris Health at Fountains South Campus has treated many patients who have had cardiac by-pass surgery and having a structured cardiac and therapy program has made the program very successful.

William Bailey, who was discharged from Alaris Health at the  Fountains South after cardiac bypass in May commented “ The knowledgeable and dedicated staff at the Fountains offered me the confidence and support I needed.  The nursing staff made this transition painless for me…from the very beginning they made me feel comfortable and were always readily available for me.  Nurses were constantly checking in on me and ensuring I was doing well.  I felt very much at peace while at the Fountains.”

Mr. Bailey continued “ I am especially grateful for the physical therapy team. PT is no joke, you can hide and they will find you to ensure you get the proper therapy!  I would give The Fountains a 5 star rating !”

My ultimate goal was to function as I did prior to my surgery, and look at me now… I feel good and I’m already planning my next vacation to Key West with my lovely wife. I’m also looking forward to spending time with my beautiful grandchildren”. When asked what hopeful words Mr. Bailey would give someone needing rehab, Mr. Bailey stated “ Stay calm, stay focused and TRUST your therapist. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, like I was prior to surgery.  I waited two weeks before deciding to actually go through with the surgery and I’m so glad I did.  I probably wouldn’t be sitting here with you now.”

Pat Myers, Assistant Administrator, commented on the successful program “Our meticulous monitoring of the patient’s condition and structured rehabilitation has been the key to getting patients back home and returned to their daily routine,”

Mr. Romero-Diaz commented, “I would explain to anyone who has to experience cardiac by-pass surgery the wonderful work and dedication of the staff at Alaris Health at Fountains South Campus provided me.  I would express how thankful I am.  I recommend this center to anyone I know with rehabilitation needs. All of the staff has truly been a part of me being able to regain my independence and for that I am eternally grateful.”

For more information about Alaris Health at The Fountains South or questions about the Cardiac Recovery program, please call 201- 526 -8700.