Alaris Health at Riverton Remembers Orlando Shooting Victims

candlesRahway, NJ, June 17, 2016Alaris Health at Riverton held a Memorial Service for the victims of the June 12, 2016 mass shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Deacon Robert Schneider, who led the Memorial Service, recalled how the residents and staff followed the tragic events on that day.

“In the morning we only had ten names of those who had died,” he recalled, “and we had a minute of silence.”
As the day passed, the list grew to 49 dead and 53 injured, and the residents and staff were so moved that they decided to hold a Memorial Service for, in Schneider’s words, “those who had lost their lives, for the families who had to find out and for the victims in the hospital.”

Deacon Schneider, who is affiliated with the Metropolitan Community Church of Christ The Liberator, has also been an Activity Professional with Alaris Health at Riverton for 33 years.  He is also a member of the LGBT community.

The Memorial Service, which included prayers and inspirational music, was held in Riverton’s Dining Room and was attended by 30 residents and staff.  A table was made up to look like a small altar with white flowers, the LGBT rainbow, and a cross, and services were held.

Also in attendance was Rosa Engel, Alaris Health at Riverton’s Activity Director.

Led by Engel and Schneider, Alaris Health at Riverton’s residents and staff continue to pray for those affected by the shooting in Orlando.

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