Alaris Health at Cherry Hill is one of the only centers in the state to offer Peritoneal Dialysis Services

For patients with kidney failure, the need for dialysis can be life-altering and time consuming. Many patients choose to have Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), a dialysis treatment that is performed at home during the night, instead of having hemodialysis in a hospital or outpatient clinic several times a week. But if a PD patient develops an illness or has an injury that requires hospitalization, the in-home treatment is frequently interrupted and the patient has to be switched to hemodialysis, which is a significant change.   

Now, at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill, patients who are recovering from a hospitalization can continue to receive PD, as well hemodialysis, as they recuperate from their condition. Alaris Health at Cherry Hill is one of the only centers in New Jersey offering this treatment.   

“We provide the continuity of this type of dialysis in an environment of rehabilitation in a post-acute care setting,” says Mario Torres, MD, Medical Director for PD at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill. “Normally PD patients in a nursing and rehabilitation center would have to switch to hemodialysis or leave the center very early in the morning to travel to a PD site. Now our patients can receive PD on-site from specially trained staff.”   

Besides helping patients who previously received PD, the staff at the center can help the newly diagnosed patients to begin PD treatment while at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill. The staff, in conjunction with PD providers, can assist even patients who are limited in their mobility and show them the correct procedures for PD at home.   

“In addition to our on-site Hemodialysis Center, we have PD-trained staff and a specified area at our facility to focus just on the treatment of these patients,” says Ken Keegan, Administrator at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill.   

“I am extremely proud of the work Ken and his team have done in bringing this critical service to residents,” says Avery Eisenreich, Founder of Alaris Health.   

Founded on a tradition of healthcare excellence, Alaris’ Member Health Centers are leading providers of short-term post hospital rehabilitation, long term and specialty care, with Member Health Centers throughout the state of New Jersey. For more information about PD or other services at Alaris Health at Cherry Hill, please contact Admissions at 856 795 3131.   

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